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3 plumbing problems you should never DIY

When plumbing problems arise in your home, few things can make you feel more accomplished than successfully solving the problem yourself without having to enlist the help of a professional plumber. As you stand there, plumbing wrench in hand, with your plumbing mission accomplished, for that moment, you are the hero of your home.

You’ve successfully unclogged a drain, or fixed a leaky tap and you did it all by yourself!

Not only does solving plumbing problems leave you feeling self-assured and accomplished, it also saves you money - that is, of course, assuming you’ve solved the problem correctly and not made things worse.

When you undertake plumbing repairs on your own, unless you really know what you’re doing, sometimes you increase the risk of compounding the problem and causing further damage. For this reason, there are some plumbing problems that necessitate calling on the professional

Water Heater Repairs

If your water heater is malfunctioning, this is an issue best left to the professionals. This is especially true if you have an electric or gas hot water heater as a repair gone wrong could do far more than cause damage your home or property.

Electric hot water heaters combine water and electricity which is a potentially dangerous situation. In the case of gas hot water heaters, a leak in your gas line could lead to an explosive situation, literally. Further, when working on gas lines, there is a potential to inadvertently inhale natural gas, which is another safety concern.

When it comes to repairing gas hot water heaters, it is advisable to find a plumber who is skilled in gasfitting.

Sewage Problems and Repairs

If you really think about it, you probably don’t want to attempt to fix sewage problems yourself. Sewage problems are typically a bit messier and smellier than other plumbing problems that you might want to undertake on your own. They’re also trickier to solve.

When there is a blockage or leak in your sewage system, the flow of sewage from your home is impeded. This poses a health and hygiene issue for you and your family as it can cause sewage to creep back up your pipes and back into your home which is unsavoury to say the least.

Additionally, many sewage problems fall under the purview of the council. A licensed plumber will be able to determine if the sewage problem is somewhere in your home, or residing in a municipally owned asset.

Stormwater Drainage Issues

Here in Australia, stormwater is treated differently than the sewage coming from your home. Stormwater is typically not treated before heading into our water supplies and waterways. If your stormwater and rainwater drainage is not installed and maintained properly, erosion could result which leads to chemicals such a fertiliser and pesticides, making their way into our waterways.

In addition to the potential damage that incorrectly designed or installed stormwater drainage systems pose to the environment, they also pose a leak or flooding risk.

When you look to a reputable plumber to design and install your home’s stormwater drainage system, you can be sure that the danger of erosion is mitigated and that the risk of damage to your home and property during periods of heavy rainfall in minimised.

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